Using Temperature, Tone and Value in Painting


Are you involved into a marvelous art of painting? Then you should know that in painting, we often come across such notions as “tone”, “temperature” and” value”. They are the three pillars making the foundation for the successful drawing. First, we will give the definitions of these concepts and introduce some useful tips to the beginners.

Tone can be explained through the notion of luminosity, which calculates on lighting, the original color of objects and the extent of their distance from the observer.

Temperature is preliminary the method of transmission of light, shadows and midtones proportional to what we observe in nature. Creating a tone scale (tonal scales) is necessary because art facilities for the transmission of nature (paper, canvas, pencil, charcoal, ink, etc.) have a much smaller range of dark and light than the nature itself.

We need to learn a pattern to define the lightest tone in the statement, the darkest tone and the average tone. Therefore, it is crucial to build a parallel tonal scale. What does it mean? Let me explain with an example. We have to make the drawing of the vase on the table. And we cannot name its color exactly by name, rather the tone just. This is to some extent possible to achieve if you look with the slightly narrowed eyes.

What is value then? First and foremost, the value is the amount of light or dark in a particular color scheme. The problems of light and shadow, white, black and gray as well as issues of light and shadow and their relationship should be carefully studied. However, there is a plethora of possible solutions of these problems particularly necessary in our creative work.

Without any doubt, you realize that there is only one pure black and one pure white color, and the most infinite number of light and dark shades of gray, which can be deployed in a continuous scale between the white and the black. Thus, both beginners and advanced painters are recommended to study carefully the nuances of temperature, tone and value while producing a drawing.

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